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AUUG Classic is AUUG's old web site.  It has not been maintained since early 21st century, and details are out of date.  It is available for historical interest only.

Registration for AUUG 2005 is now open!

Early bird discount extended to 30 September

AUUG 2005, The Conference for Unix, Linux and Open Source Professionals, will be held at the Carlton Crest Hotel, Sydney, on 19-21 October. Tuturials will be held on 16-18 October.

You can now register for AUUG 2005 by either downloading the printed registration form or completing an online registration.

Register before 30 September for the early bird discount.

AUUG Logo AUUG Incorporated
The Organisation for Unix, Linux and Open Source professionals

AUUG's role is building a community by connecting, supporting and promoting people with an interest in interoperable computing - which we see as a key to achieving fitness for purpose and value for money in Information and Communication Technology.

Our members are professionals who care about

  • Unix operating systems from proprietary vendors
  • Linux, BSD and other Open Source operating systems
  • Open standards, specifically those which enable the free and unrestricted interchange of information
  • Open Source applications, regardless of the platform they run on
  • other cool technical stuff

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