AUUG is the Australian UNIX and Open Systems Users Group, a professional association for end users, corporations, developers and vendors that provides UNIX® and related systems, including Linux and BSD. AUUG is a national body with chapters that organize local activities in most capital cities.

AUUG dates back to 1975, making it the oldest or second-oldest UNIX user group in the world, probably after USENIX, which has its roots in the same year. Computer historian Peter Salus quotes former AUUG Secretary Peter Barnes on page 70 of his book ``A Quarter Century of UNIX'':

The Australian Unix systems User Group, or AUUG, was formally constituted on the 27th August 1984 at a meeting of Unix users held on the campus of Melbourne University, after nine years of informal existence... The first AUUG meeting was held in 1975 at the University of New South Wales. (Peter Barnes, Secretary, AUUG).

AUUG's aims, as stated in the constitution, are: "To promote knowledge and understanding of Open Systems including but not restricted to the UNIX system, networking, graphics, user interfaces and programming and development environments, and related standards."

However, Michael Paddon (AUUG President 1994-1998) captured the flavour of AUUG better when he described it as, "a bunch of people who gather together to talk about the cool stuff they're doing - preferably over a beer."

AUUG is formally incorporated in the state of Victoria (registered number A0016636N), but runs events nationally, and has chapters in most states and territories that organise local events.

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