The AUUG board is engaged on a project of formalising the policies and procedures used to run AUUG. The board is also aiming to produce and refine descriptions of the roles of various AUUG officers, both to assist those officers to perform as required by AUUG, and to better inform prospective officers of what will be expected of them.

This page contains links to documents describing these roles, policies and procedures, and to supporting documents. It will be updated regularly as documents are developed and refined.


Document Date Adopted / Modified Description
The AUUG Constitution 27-jul-2002 The master rules and by-laws under which AUUG operates. All the other documents must be consistent with this.
The Victorian Associations Incorporations Act 1981 1-nov-2003 The law applicable to the formation and running of AUUG.
AUUG Inc. Privacy Policy 22-feb-2003 AUUG's Privacy Policy, in line with the Australian Privacy Act.
Proposed Rule Changes 2005 22-apr-2005 Proposed changes to the AUUG Rules to be voted on in the 2005 election.


Document Date Adopted / Modified Description
Duties of Board Members 28-feb-2004 A description of the roles of AUUG Board members and other officers.


Document Date Adopted / Modified Description
Online Decisions 22-feb-2003 A procedure for the AUUG board to take decisions between formal meetings.
Election Procedures 14-dec-1994 How to run the AUUG Annual Board elections.
Nomination Form 15-mar-2005 Recommended nomination form for AUUG elections.