Welcome to the home page of the Australian UNIX Users' Group (AUUG), South Australian Chapter. AUUG is a national organisation with the aim of promoting knowledge and understanding of Open Systems including but not restricted to the UNIX system, networking, graphics, user interfaces and programming and development environments, and related standards.

The South Australian chapter aims at promoting the use of Unix operating systems for industry and personal use. Unlike some organisations, the chapter aims to do this in a fun but informative method

What does the South Australian Chapter offer?

The South Australian chapter runs monthly meetings which include a presentation covering a subject of general interest to the UNIX community. The presentations are varied and cover areas such as industry developments, research news, and new technology.

The meetings also provide an opportunity for members of the industry to catch up and keep in touch with each other on a regular basis. The meetings are quite informal, providing a great environment for people to discuss issues, swap stories or gain advice from the other members of the chapter. Refreshments are provided free of charge.

For more information on the benefits available you should consult the AUUG homepage and the list of benefits provided.

Where are the Chapter Meetings Held?

The monthly meetings are usually held:

On the Second Wednesday of every month, starting at 7:00pm

Marcellina Pizza Bar
273 Hindley Street

Regular SA-AUUG meetings
Date Topic Speaker Status Provided Notes
12th Jan SPAM Benjamin Close Passed Presentation (PDF)
9th Feb Better beer than Mr Cooper! Brian Astill Passed Presentation (PDF)
9th Mar LDAP Authentication Tim Seeley Passed HTML
14th Apr The X Windowing System Brett Lymn Passed  
8th June "The care and feeding of daemontools."
Monitoring Unix daemons made (relatively) painless
Daryl Tester Passed Presentation (PDF)
13th Jul AUUG Talk Back None Passed  
10th August XML & MathML: A Guided Tour Bob Trelaar Passed  
15th September TCP via Avion Carrier Passed  
12th October AUUG Talk back Passed  
9th November AUUG Talk back Passed  
14th December AUUG Talk back Confirmed  
Regular SA-AUUG meetings
Date Topic Speaker Status Provided Notes
11th Jan Looking inside a webserver
David Lloyd Confirmed

Details about passed meetings can be found here .

How Can I Join?

The easiest way to join AUUG or to learn more about the South Australian Chapter is to come along to one of the monthly meetings. You are invited to attend even if you are not a member. Come along and meet other people from the industry in which you work. You may even see a few familiar faces.

Once you decide you want to become a member of AUUG, the simplest way is through the AUUG homepage. Membership to AUUG is of course a tax deduction for anyone in the industry.

SAAUUG Contact Information

The SAAUUG executive committee can be contacted on the below address:
The Secretary can be contacted on +61 417 525 843