AUUGN: The Journal of AUUG Inc.
Submission guidelines

Current as at March 20th, 1995

Can anyone contribute to AUUGN?

Contributions to AUUGN are always welcome. AUUGN is put together on a voluntary basis, and as such contributors are not paid for their work. They do however reach a like-minded audience of more than 300 professional and educational institutions, and over 700 individual AUUG members across Australia.

What types of article can I submit?

AUUG Inc. is the UNIX and Open Systems User Group. This pretty much defines the areas of interest covered by AUUGN. We accept technical papers, discussion papers, opinion pieces, reviews, reports of relevant meetings or discussion groups, and letters to the editor.

AUUGN is read increasingly by people working in the UNIX/OpenSystems industry who are not necessarily technically oriented. We wish to make AUUGN accessible to these people as well, and to that end we'd like to publish at least one semi- or non-technical piece in each issue. Anyone who feels that they can write interesting and relevant articles for this audience are encouraged to do so.

The editor of AUUGN is the final arbiter as to whether a contribution is used in any given issue, if at all.

What should I avoid?

How do I submit an article to AUUGN?

  1. Either get in touch with the AUUG Chapter contact in your state, or send e-mail to the AUUGN Editor at Let them know what you're intending to write about; this prevents you wasting lots of time and effort if someone else has already contributed something similar in recent memory.

  2. Write your article. Keep it to the subject, and do your best to make it interesting to read. This is admittedly sometimes difficult, especially in the case of highly specialised technical papers, but do what you can.

  3. E-mail your contribution to If you don't have access to electronic mail, post your contribution to:

    If posting electronic copy, put your contribution on a DOS- or Mac-formatted 3.5" disk.